As Baykart Card Systems, we have taken producing our productions by using high quality materials, under highest safety conditions and appropriate for unconditional customer satisfaction and delivering to our customers as mission.

Furthermore, we believe in necessity of using changing technologies by being open for quality, safety and innovations, and in importance of research and development activites. A more safe and more joyful working environment for more customer satisfaction...

Baykart Card Systems, within light of these mission and principles, aims to increase its brand recognition continuously and to rise, and to be the leader in scratch unit card production.

Scratch And Win

They are scratch cards produced by using flexo method or with label application optionally of cards like promotion cards, lot cards, gift cards.

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Standard Scratch

These are cards used in phone calls or in various applications.

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Secure Scratch Card -

This is the most reliable and last technology which has solved problems occuring in scratch card productions.

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Details from our machine track used in our scratch card production.

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