About Us

Baycard Card Systems, in consequence of intense market research and R&D studies of one and a half year, has been established in the last quarter of 2008 year, and has made a rapid entrance to both Turkey market and foreign market.

Since the day we started our activity, we are following up a policy which is customer focued, responsive, and which renewes and develops its machine track with last develoed technology. 

Baycard Card Systems, is a corporation where cards to be encrypted are started to be processed even when they are sheet papers, where all process is structured within itself (offset printing, lamination, special cutting, password printings, packaging etc), and where an experienced team over 95 people work. 

Baycard, has been established in a structure which comply with high safety standards strictly, provide own benefits and customer expectations, inspected 24 hour security cams, finger print reader. Our internat audit staff and external inspections of expert companies have provided us to be entitled to ISA 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Data Safety Certificates and our sustainability since the date we have been established.

Baycard Card Systems continuing its productions as the strongest company in Turkey and the region in the light of principles which are deliberate, trained and devoted to continous replenishment, with its new investments in 2012, has monthly production capacity over 30 million.


Scratch And Win

They are scratch cards produced by using flexo method or with label application optionally of cards like promotion cards, lot cards, gift cards.

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Standard Scratch

These are cards used in phone calls or in various applications.

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Secure Scratch Card -

This is the most reliable and last technology which has solved problems occuring in scratch card productions.

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Details from our machine track used in our scratch card production.

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